About us

Arab Orient Legal Translation is a professional translation agency for all your language requirements. Whether you need to translate a personal or business letter, a technical manual, or have ongoing translation requirements, you can rely on our professional expertise and extensive experience in translation. Our mission is to become leaders in the language services industry by delivering top-quality language solutions to a broad base of clients. The key to our success has been the caliber of our team and our dedication to our clients. Our network consists of a full-time staff of highly qualified translators in Abu Dhabi. Our staff is committed to delivering a translation/interpretation that truly reflects the concepts, thought and register of the source material, and they are on call around the clock to meet the most critical project demands with utmost consistency. Our Vision To lead the language services industry by providing our clients with the competitive advantage that comes from being able to communicate flawlessly in various languages. Our Mission To partner with our clients to deliver language solutions based on a fundamental understanding of their needs, supported by our unconditional service and expertise.