Our Services

Arab Orient Legal Translation Firm offers professional translation services in all subject areas. Our objective is to provide a one-stop solution to all your linguistic requirements. Regardless of jargon complexity, we will be able to meet both your personal and corporate language needs.
At Arab Orient Legal Translation Firm you can find the following range of services:
Legal Translation
The owner of Arab Orient Legal Translation is duly licensed and sworn in by UAE Ministry of Justice. In Addition, all translators at our Firm are qualified linguists with significant experience in legal matters.
We understand financial documentation and are able to translate within rapid time frames. Time is money after all!.
Marketing Translation
Sales and marketing in new market places cannot be effective if the language is not understood. We can assist with the translation of brochures, websites, tenders, quotations and a full range of other documents.
Operating in the global business arena requires a wide range of language assistance. This ranges from translation of research material to foreign language legal contracts.
Personal Translation
Unlike many other translation companies, we are happy to assist the individual. This includes letters, wills and documentation for buying property overseas.
Website Translation
Excluding other languages excludes customers! We are even able to translate your website and open new window for you business
Medical Translation
We cover all nature of medical translation, from pharmaceutical company documentation to prescriptions and medical reports.
We provide interpreters for meetings, telephone, conferences and a range of other instances.
Technical Translation
Correct use of terminology and in-depth knowledge are essential when translating technical documentation. That's why the translator will have a proven track record in your specialized field.